Violin Online: Violin Class
A self-guided violin class that explores violin music throughout history.*

Study Unit 1: Medieval & Renaissance

Discover when the violin was first invented, and learn more about early forms of music played on stringed instruments and the violin during the Medieval and Renaissance musical periods.

Early Violin

Study Unit 2: Baroque Musical Period

Delve into grand and ornate music by Baroque composers such Handel, Vivaldi and Bach, and gain information about musical forms such as sonatas, cantatas and oratorios.


Study Unit 3: Classical Musical Period

Experience the elegant, restrained and balanced sound of music by Classical composers such as Mozart and Haydn, and find out more about musical forms such as quartets, symphonies and concertos.


Study Unit 4: Romantic Musical Period

Explore the lush, emotional and expansive music of the Romantic period, and survey forms of music such as opera, ballet, chamber music and symphonic poems.


Study Unit 5: 20th Century Musical Period

Examine the experimental and diverse music of 20th century composers such as Webern, Stravinsky and Bartok, and learn more about musical concepts such as atonality, neoclassicism and tone rows.

20th Century

Study Unit 6: Non-Traditional

Investigate alternate styles of string music, outside of the traditional category of Western European classical art music, and become familiar with musical styles such as Fiddle, Klezmer, Gypsy, Chinese, Greek, Carnatic, Arabic, Mariachi, Ragtime and Blues.


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