Violin Online
About Us

Violin is a fun and comprehensive approach to violin playing for all ages. It is designed for amateur musicians, and the focus of this site is to provide:

  1. Quality instructional material
  2. Easy access to beautiful music
  3. A variety of distance learning options

Violin Online was developed by Dr. Robin Kay Deverich, a music educator and violinist. Dr. Deverich holds music degrees from the University of Southern California (Doctor of Musical Arts), University of California, Los Angeles (Master of Arts), and Brigham Young University (Bachelor of Arts), and has studied the violin with Eudice Shapiro, Alexander Treger, Oscar Chausow, and Marianne Fleece. Dr. Deverich's dissertation, Distance Education Strategies for Strings, describes some of the objectives implemented in this site, and future site expansion will include many more distance learning strategies.  For personal information about Robin Deverich, click here.


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