Violin Online: Violin Bow Hold
Want to know the proper way to hold your violin bow?
Bow hold front
Bow hold back
Violin Bow Hold Tips
  • Relax your hand, slightly turn your wrist to the left, and let your fingers drop into place.
  • The tip of the bent thumb touches the frog contact point.
  • Fingers gently curve over the top of the violin bow stick.
  • The middle finger is opposite from the thumb.
Violin Bow at the frog
Violin Bow at the middle
Violin Bow at the tip
Violin Bow Placement Tips
  • Good tone quality is achieved through proper bow placement, bow speed and bow pressure.
  • Slightly tilt the wood of the violin bow towards the fingerboard.
  • Place the bow on the string at the middle point between the bridge and the fingerboard.
  • Draw the violin bow in a straight line so the bow remains parallel to the bridge.
  • Loud sounds can be achieved with heavy bow pressure and by drawing the bow close to the bridge.
  • Soft sounds can be achieved with light bow pressure and by drawing the bow close to the fingerboard.
  • Keep the level of the arm and bow constant while playing on different strings.


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